Jesus To Eternity & Beyond-D4Y


Now Showing: The Greatest Story In The World!

Come on down! The casting call just went out for the new movie, Jesus-To Eternity and Beyond. This thrilling release shows the real-life story of Jesus’ final days on Earth–days filled with heart-stopping suspense, amazing action, and the most fantastic finish ever!

As you work behind the scenes, you’ll capture the disciples’ heartbreak and fear as all seems lost. And you’ll film the best scene of all as Jesus shows the world that He is the Overcomer, the Conquering King! As you scan the script, work with cue cards, roll the cameras, fill in the storyboards, and help out with props, makeup, and special effects, you’ll find yourself right smack in the middle of the most action-packed drama you could ever imagine. So grab your gear and let’s head off–to eternity and beyond!


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