God, What’S Your Name?-D4Y


To: God’s Secret Agents
Mission: To Discover All Of God’s Names

We’ve received a new assignment!  We’re going undercover as spies to discover who God is!  Did you know that God goes by many names?  Each “alias” God uses provides clues about His true nature and character.  Our job is to track down each name and discover what it means.

As you help Max, Molly, and their great detective beagle, Sam, you’ll find that some of God’s names include Creator, Provider, and Shepherd.  But there are more!  In Genesis, Psalms, Daniel, John, and other Bible books you’ll read amazing stories about His other names.  You’ll also have fun decoding secret messages and doing other activities as you explore what God is like and what He does.  What an awesome opportunity to learn more about God!


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