A Sneak Peek Into The Future-Rev 8-22-D4Y


An Awesome Adventure!

Join bible detectives, Max, Molly, and Sam, the great face-licking beagle, as they explore the Discovery Bible Museum to solve the mysteries in Revelation 8-22! These exciting chapters tell us what’s going to happen in the future. When Jesus opens the seventh seal, there’s an eerie silence…and then comes thunder, lightning, and a huge earthquake. And that’s just the beginning! Discover:

  • what happens when seven angels sound their trumpets
  • who the dragon is and what he does
  • why there are two fearsome beasts and what they do
  • what three messages the angels flying in mid-heaven give
  • why Jesus comes on a white horse and leads an army

Wow, God has a plan for the future! He alone is in control of all of these events. As you read your Bible, work on great puzzles, and do fun activities, you’ll find out what’s coming–and understand why knowing Jesus is so important.


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