God Has Big Plans For You, Esther-D4Y


Washington, D.C., Here We Come!

Hey, kids! Max, Molly, and the great face-licking beagle, Sam, are going to Washington, D.C.–and they want you to come along! You’ll tour important places in the capital of the United States and even visit the White House where the president lives!

You’ll also explore a time in history when a young woman named Esther became a queen and saved her people. Through her incredible life, you’ll uncover many truths that will help you know more about God and how you can serve Him, including:

  • God put you where you are for a reason
  • God has plans for you now and in the future
  • God will help you know what to do in every situation
  • God is always with you so you are never alone
  • God has given you gifts so you can help people

You’ll be amazed when you see how much God loves you, provides for you, and guides you.


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