Wrong Way, Jonah!-D4Y


The Nineveh News Needs You!
An amazing news story about a man named Jonah is unfolding in Israel!  And the Nineveh News needs good reporters to dig up the facts.  Max, Molly, and the great detective beagle, Sam, are on the case…and they need your help.

Okay, rookie reporter, your need to get the scoop on a man named Jonah, on a king…and even on God.  As you study inductively, solve puzzles, go through a maze, use a special code, and complete fill-in stories, you’ll uncover jaw-dropping truths about how God uses a raging storm, a gigantic fish, and a plant to get a wayward prophet’s attention.  You’ll also discover how you can have an awesome adventure by going the right way and obeying God the first time!

Grab your pad and pencil!  You’re hot on the trail of a prophet who tried to run away from God!


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