Extreme Adventures With God-D4Y


Did You Know That God Has A Plan For Your Life?

Join Max, Molly, and Sam (the great detective beagle) for an outdoor adventure and a faith expedition. Rappelling down rocks, rushing through white water, and hiking into the wilderness are no problem when you are outfitted with the gear God gives you for the journey, including your map–the Bible.

Through puzzles, games, and other activities, God’s plan will unfold as you find the answers to these questions:

  • HOW does God keep His promises?
  • WHEN can asking for help keep you on the right track?
  • HOW do Jacob and Esau get along? Are they friends, or is there “brother trouble”?
  • WHAT important lessons do you learn about anger, holding a grudge, and forgiveness?
  • HOW can you trust God’s choice even when you face struggles and disappointments?

Take a leap of faith and discover what it means to trust God–even during the most extreme life adventures.


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