Lord, I Need Grace To Make It Today

A Devotional Study on God’s Power for Daily Living

In the Dark Times of Failure and Fear, Let God Lavish His Grace on You.
There are times when we all wonder if we’ll make it in life — and if it’s even worth trying. Feelings of unworthiness and guilt over past sins, times of spiritual weakness and inadequacy — the burdens seem overwhelming.  Don’t give up! God’s grace is available freely and lavishly for all who would take it.  If you long for the covering of God’s grace, let Kay Arthur guide you through the Word of God. Discover how to appropriate God’s grace for every situation and every emotion you must face.

Lord, I Need Grace to Make It Today is a devotional study that will minister to you in intimate ways. And it is truth you can share easily with others, individually or in small groups.


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